Exactly about Chinese entrepreneur really wants to assist their countrymen find international wives by presenting women that are ukrainian them

One Belt and another Road with love.

Intermarriages are increasingly typical in Asia, due to the fact nation gets to be more cosmopolitan and developed.

It’s also a representation of Chinese guys pro-actively trying to find international spouses because they usually do not wish to marry Chinese females, because of the anxiety that is included with a relationship in an extremely affluent and materialistic culture.

Enter Mei Aisi, a Chinese man from Hebei province who was simply showcased by state media among the “rare” instances of intermarriages by having A western woman.

The Chinese matchmaking business owner initially rose to popularity after social networking pictures of him and his Ukrainian spouse attracted the general public, as much could perhaps not genuinely believe that “such an unsightly man could have the ability to find this type of pretty wife”.

He could be now building a small business according to of their individual experiences. Their matchmaking business, the Culove Dating Club, aims to reproduce their success by linking men that are chinese appealing options, particularly those from Ukraine.

In a documentary video posted online recently, Mei presents himself along with his business. Here’s exactly just just what he does.

The matchmaking company

So that you can attract and ukrainian women dating ask feminine participants, Mei along with his group pick them through the approach or internet them regarding the roads.

Finding them on the net. Talking with prospective prospects on the roads.

Mei’s plan is to obtain these Ukrainian females to marry and go on to Asia. To assist them to absorb to life in Asia, in the case which they fundamentally look at, he holds language and cultural classes in their agency to show these women fundamental Chinese and understanding of Asia.

Classes during the agency.

Makeup products music artists will also be invited to aid show and placed on light makeup when it comes to ladies, as Mei thinks that Chinese guys choose females without hefty makeup products.

Wearing makeup products.

Each year, Culove holds a few matchmaking events where about 30-40 Ukrainian women can be introduced to around 5-10 bachelors that are chinese.

These occasions start up using the females descending through the stairs by having a catwalk.

Descending through the stairs by having a catwalk.

Additionally there are shows and consuming.

Dance performances. Wine ingesting.

Not to mention, addititionally there is great deal of mingling taking place throughout the occasion.

Chinese guy socialising having a woman that is ukrainian.


The matchmaking company in China is booming, with several looking at matchmaking agencies and activities, taking place dating sites, or TV that is joining programs to up their opportunities to find a wife.

But Mei calls these out as comparable to “business transactions”, unlike their business where material indicators like the social status of males and their wide range aren’t marketed.

Some have actually criticised Mei’s company as “an worldwide prostitution ring” and he’s “performing the work of a pimp”.

But Mei rejects these commentary. Alternatively, he considers his company as you that is more about love and shows others way that is“the right think of a global marriage”, “the right option to cope with an worldwide marriage”, and “the right solution to treat your own personal wife”.

Going by the slogan, “One Belt and One Road around the world in order to connect men that are chinese Ukrainian females with love”, the entrepreneur is hoping to develop his company to the “Number 1 enterprise in Ukraine”.

He’s additionally trying to expand it to many other nations such as for instance Russia and Belarus.

Here’s the complete movie of Mei and his company:

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